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Welcome! These pages will introduce you to our English Shepherds. Please contact us by phone at 865-898-5643, if you think you may be interested in  a puppy.  We are located in East Tennessee. We are proud of our black & tans! Our English Shepherds are from working stock and are registered with the English Shepherd Club. Each puppy has its own pre-registration paper to make it easier for the new owner to register the pup with the ESC at http://www.englishshepherd.org. Our dogs are registered as Whippoorwill's Poplar Creek Bandit, Whippoorwill's Poplar Creek Daisy, Whippoorwill's Carley Jo,   Whippoorwill's Cindy Lou, and Sarah's Raider. Robbie has been retired. She turned 9 years in November.

Bandit and Carley Jo have a new litter born Sunday May 29!  Some of the puppies are posted below! Call 865-898-5643 or email us bobjwilliams@comcast.net .

Carley Jo's Puppies July 17th (7 weeks old)
Where's my buddies? Buddies HI!

Carley Jo and some of  her pups at 18 days

Hi Mommy! (Carley) Where's Mommy?? Hey! Mommy is over here!



Robbie (retired)

Carley Jo Bandit Cindy Lou


Enjoy the snapshots of previous litters below.



Hey, smile! It's a bird! It's a plane! Hmmm.... where??? Hey! Can I go home with you??


I sure enjoy exploring! STRETCHING! Boy, that feels good! Let's check out this blue canvas!  
It's pretty! I like green! Hi Mom! Susie (Retired)  


Below are some snapshots of a few of the puppies from last Spring, 2013

Food tray of puppies

Pick me!





And I claim this tray!

Robbie and some of her pups

Below are puppies from previous  litters. Thought you might like to look them over They are beautiful English Shepherds.

Its a big world out there! Robbie's puppies at 4 weeks old in  the above snapshot. You like my cute smile?
Yes, I like you! But control yourself! Ok, let me handle this. You smile, and I will decide our next move. These are the females from Carley's litter.


Hey! What's he doing? Taking our picture?

Let's wander around the kennel, what you say?

I'm going to re-check the feed bowl.

Whatever that is on ground,
I got it cornered!

Where's the rest of us??

Let's stay here. We'll
guard the bowl.

Wanna see some more puppies from the past? Click the picture below!


Contact Information

Email: bobjwilliams@comcast.net (click "Yes" at prompt)
Web: http://www.whippoorwill.net
Phone 865-898-5643
Mailing Address: Bob and Pat Williams
1479 Old Harriman Hwy
Oliver Springs TN 37840

Carley Jo


Cindy Lou