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Where are they now?

  We thank those of you who have given 45 of our  puppies new homes. Our dogs can now be found in 14 states. We have just added Texas, Colorado, Maryland, Ohio, and Mississippi! Many of you have sent us stories and pictures of your dogs and we've posted these below.


Testimonials & Pictures

Piper is doing great.  She is a wonderful dog.  She has had one litter of pups and they were beautiful.  All of the folks that bought them are extremely happy with them.  She is such a sweet and gentle natured dog.  She is my constant companion and shadow.  My husband and I were talking just the other day about how we could not have found a better dog.  I have had some serious health problems in the last couple of years, and she has been a real blessing and comfort to me.  Thanks again for selling her to me. 

Connie Wright, Virginia, featuring Piper

He is doing wonderful! We named him Bernie and he is the center of our 'life at home.

RW & Phyllis Peel, Tennessee, featuring Bernie

We are delighted with our English Shepherd – Harry!  He is intelligent and happy…. has a great personality!  He learns quickly and understands an increasingly large number of words.  He has a different style of play with each of our other animals (an older dog and two cats)  and is great with the grandkids.  He is a good watchdog, lets me know when anything comes into the yard;  but he is polite and friendly with guests. 

Mary Schindewolf, Connecticut, featuring Harry

Sam is doing great. He has grown into a beautiful dog that has become a faithful family protector.

Mike Parton, Tennessee, featuring Sam

Roxy is doing great. She loves kids and is very obedient.   I have let her in with my chickens. She stayed pretty calm.  I've started her on herding and she's learning well.

Rusty Wright, Oklahoma, featuring Roxy

Buck is a big boy - about 65-70 lbs. He's great with the grandkids and all the farm animals. He's very smart and wants to please. He is easily trained and is just a great farm dog.

Nancy Ward, Tennessee.,featuring Buck

We really enjoy our gal! She turns her head from side to side just like she understands everything!

Nancy Miller, Georgia



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